3D Print – a Parametric Brush Travel Tube

So if you have been following along, you have seen a few of the 3D prints I’m been working on for travel shaving gear.  Originally I started with a couple altoids tin inserts for a couple razors.  Then I remixed a container project to make an awesome travel brush container for my Yaqi.  I love the travel tube, but I wanted a contain for another brush.  To do so, I would have had to redraw and design for the different dimensions.

I wanted something more robust in a design that was easier to adjust the dimensions for different shave brushed, so I went to work and rebuilt my travel tube design from the ground up.  I learned a program called OpenSCAD that allows you to programatically create 3D objects and designs.  With this new knowledge, I was able to create a design that was easily modified for different height/diameter brush options.  I have uploaded to Thingiverse and enabled the customizer so anyone can easily change the values to generate a travel tube in the perfect dimensions for their shave brush.

I still have a few tweaks to do but I wanted to get it up for folks to try.  I printed my first tube with this new design using my prototype travel brush handle (that plan isnt ready for prime time yet) and the tube worked perfectly.  I hope you find the project useful.





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