our goal is to Pique YOUR INTEREST…. to get you into traditional wet Shaving.

The idea for Thirsty Badger came to me in 2017 when I first started traditional wet shaving. I was always enamored with the idea of shaving like the fine gents who came before me and with the notion of passing this excellent tradition on to my son. Once introduced to the hobby, I was blown away by the variety of products available to me. Vintage hardware, over 100 years old, preserved in time and performing like the day it was made. New items created for the new generation of wet shaver. I tried products from large commercial brands, small artisan creators and everything in between. Wanting to keep track of all of this wonderful information, I decided to write about my experiences. Add to that my passion for web development and my wife’s love of pottery, and you have the birth of the Thirsty Badger  Shave Company.

If you’re interested in trying any of our products out, that’s great! I’d love to hook you up! But if I’m honest, what I really want is pique your interest… to get you into traditional wet shaving.

By Jared Francais

Shave of the day

SOTD – July 6, 2024


SOTD ….. this stands Shave of the Day.  Wet shavers LOVE to talk about the gear they used, the software they tried out…. and it’s even better if they get a chance to show it off with a cool photo.   We at Thirsty Badger are no exception.  Follow along with our daily shaves as we give our impressions of different products we try.

SOTD – April 6, 2024

SOTD – January 13, 2024

SOTD – December 1, 2023

SOTD – October 30, 2023


Are you a frag head?  Do you want a shaving soap or an aftershave to pair with that awesome cologne you wear?  Well the shaving space has always been in sync with the fragrance community, with many inspired by scents.  We have curated a list of shaving scents that are inspired by fragrances in the market.  Take a read to see if there is a perfect match for your favourite frag.


Confused by the lingo?  SOTD, BBS, lather, DE Razor?  Let us help you with a glossary of all things wet shaving.


Looking to add a new shaving soap or aftershave to your den, or do you perhaps need some new blades?  Are you Canadian like us?  We don’t sell these types of products but there are many amazing Canadian artisans and vendors that do!  Check out our vendor pages to find some awesome Canadians selling great products.

DROP ALERT: Tuesday February 27th 7:00PM EST (4:00PM PST)

Sometimes the drops name themselves.... this is one of those times.  This is the Game of Thrones drop. We were inspired by those on either side of the wall and the dragons above.  We have a selection of bowls/mugs/soakers this drop for your shaving pleasure. Thank you...


Our #1 goal has always been to spread our love of the hobby by sharing our experiences with different shave related items.  Along with that, we also make and sell a few shave related products (mainly for us to pay for our
habit, haha).  We’ve got some Thirsty Badger branded swag, and our own line of handmade shave pottery, including lather bowls and brush scuttles. 
A techy at heart, I also have created some 3D designs for shave related products.  You can buy the items in the store or download the design for free and just print one yourself!

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