3D Print – Parametric Razor Stand Insert

I’m working on cleaning up my shave den a little bit, do a little organizing and display my favorite gear proudly.  I wanted something for a razor stand that is a bit more interesting than a hanging one like I’m currently using.  I’m been seeing more and more industrial style shelves using iron/copper/brass pipe and fittings for display and I thought, man, that would make a cool razor stand.

I hit of the local hardware store and grabbed a “Black Iron Reducer Coupling 1 Inch x 1/2 Inch” fitting.  I liked how it tapered and how it balanced with the razor.  Not I didnt want my razor leaning on the sides getting banged up and I didn’t want my razors dropping all the way to the bottom, so I went to work designing a simple 3D printable insert for this fitting.

I did a parametric design of this so they it could be adjusted for different handle widths and how deep you want the razor set in the stand.  I also added a 7mm bolt end to easily screw down into the fitting.  Then it was a simple print, insert into the top of the fitting and screw down from the underside using a 7mm socket.  The design has a little bit of play in the mount so if you measure the exact diameter of the razor handle there will be enough slack to allow the razor to slide in and out easily.

This should work with any fitting that is 1/2 as long as it has enough height to accommodate the handle depth and hex bolt.  I plan to pick up a brass fitting and a couple other shapes to try out.  If you want to give this a go and have access to a 3D printer, I have included a link to my Thingiverse model (that has the customizer for changing width/depth)

I hope you find this useful.  I have another big design I’m working on that I hope to find some time to wrap up soon.  The modelling is taking time since it takes about 6 hours to run a test print so it is tough to set aside the time to make the changes and run another batch.  Hopefully I’ll finish it soon, keep watching the blog for the release soon.





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