3D Printed Straight Razor Stand

Life has been busy of late.  Ball season is in full swing so I haven’t had a bunch of time to play around in the shop or tinker with 3D designs.  I have a travel lather bowl idea I’ve been tinkering with for a while but I just cant get it to where I would like it to release.  I’ll make sure to post that when I get it just right.

But the other thing going on of late is my education of straight razor shaving.  I have a few that have made it to my den after some restore work and if you have been following along in the SOTDs you will have seen these beauties.  One thing I have struggled with (on top of the learning curve, which is going OK) is getting the razor positioned the way I like in SOTD photos.  I did some searching and saw some vintage display stands and thought they looked cool but at a price point that didnt work.  And then I thought, hey, I can make something like that.  So I tinkered and tried a few designs and this was my end result.

As always, feel free to download, print and share 🙂




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