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As I mentioned before, I’m relatively new to wet shaving and the wet shaving community.  I don’t claim to know it all, I’m still learning a lot.  Part of the purpose of this site is to share my experiences as I grow in knowledge and share my perspective as a newcomer to wet shaving.  With that inexperience, there is sure to be some knicks, cuts, mistakes and learning opportunities.

Shortly after launching this site I learned of the massive wet shaving community forum https://www.damnfineshave.com.  Obviously this could bring in some confusion as to which site is which, are they related, etc.  That site is great, it is run by great people with a great community of members.  It just isn’t us.  It was never my intention to hit an address space that would cause this confusion to gain members or mislead my fellow wet shavers.  It was an innocent name choice.

And as such, in keeping with the spirit of community, and being a relatively new site, I didn’t want to move forward with this being a potential issue.  So as of today, our site is doing a rebrand.  From today forward, we will be known as The Thirsty Badger (official business name The Thirsty Badger Shave Company).  The goal of the site is the same, to be a portal for wet shavers with a Canadian feel.

I look forward to growing the site under the new brand as well as joining the https://www.damnfineshave.com forum to become a member of that community as well.  Bare with me as I make the few necessary tweaks to phase out the old logo and verbage.

Happy Shaving!




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