Razor: ALE 9/8″ 1/2 hollow
Brush: Sloyd Synthetic
Soap: Wholly Kaw Entropy Man
Aftershave: Wholly Kaw Entropy Man Splash

Some days…. I’m not that bright.  Today might be one of those days.  My skin is a bit irritated (allergies me thinks) and yet I grab for a new soap base I’m not familiar with and then reach for the biggest straight razor I own, a tool I’m still mastering.  I try to avoid doing posts of new soap bases until I’ve had a chance to use them a few times to avoid throwing out something to the masses I just haven’t quite figured out yet.  But here I am, pushing forward, because of a photograph, lol.  Quite often I shop with my eyes and this set was no exception.  When I received the set, I was jazzed and took this photograph of all the items in my den it instantly brought to mind.  So I push forward…..

Entropy Man is a release in Wholly Kaw’s new Siero base.  Siero, or whey in Italian, is their offering in the arms race going on between artisans to produce the most elite soap base.  I might disappoint you here but I’m not going to comment on performance of the base today.  Too many things working against it that I just don’t think it would be fair to comment yet.  As such, this will be more of my first impressions.

First thing you notice is Wholly Kaw has really upped their labelling.  This is on point.  I love the bright and vibrant artwork here, it stands out in the den.  Big props to them for this upgrade.  Scent: this one is has notes of Tobacco, Leather, Plum, Rum, Hay, Black Pepper, Frankincense and Vetiver.  I really like this scent.  This isn’t your typical tobacco/leather/rum bold scent.  Instead it reads almost gourmand in nature.  The fruity plum and sweetness of the rum really play out here.  You get some subtle spice and grassyness in there as well, and a solid grounding of Tobacco/Leather to rein it in and keep it from going to far down the gourmand path.  Scent is mid strong, just perfect for this type of scent.  A very different offering from any of the other Wholly Kaw scents I’ve tried.  Two thumbs up.

For the post, I used the matching aftershave.  I don’t think there is anything new or groundbreaking here in formulation.  There is some skin food but it still reads like an alcohol splash.  You will get a bit of alcohol bite but an otherwise hydrating and skin friendly post.  There is menthol in this but I found it to be quite subtle, offering only a hint of chill and not effecting the scent at all.  Scent is pretty bang on to the soap, is mid strong and so far, is carrying well.

Really digging the vibe from this one and I really look forward to putting this soap base through its paces.  All for now – J



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