Razor: Rockwell 6c on 4
Blade: Rapira Platinum Lux
Brush: DS Cosmetic Synthetic
Soap: The Club Chasing the Dragon
Aftershave: The Club Chasing the Dragon splash

Have you ever finished your 3 pass shave, looked at the left over lather and thought about doing a 4th pass because the shave was so damn good?  Today was that day.   I loved everything about this shave.  I had been thinking of picking up this set ever since I saw the label.  Yes artisans… take note… we shop with our eyes.   I didn’t even look to hard at the scent notes….. Star anise, coffee, pepper, jasmine, oud, rose, cedarwood, sandalwood, cannabis, ‘mysterious resins’, vanilla and bourbon.    Man am I glad I did a blind buy on this… it is SOOOOOOO good.

It is hard to pick out scents on this well blended offering.   It is very sophisticated without being over complicated.  You get some sweetness, a touch of floral, some oud, some booze, a richness and some spice.  It gave me a hint of La Cosa Nostra but a bit softer on the edges.  I don’t wear cologne often but I’m considering picking up the EDP because damn it is good.  On top of it being a fantastic scent, the A&E tallow & goat milk base may just be my favourite base.  It is for sure up there.  While being on the low structure side, it is glossy, rich and slick.  Elite slick…. both lathered and residual.  Great cushion too.  I had to double check I had the Rockwell on the right plate because I could barely feel the razor on face.  Ridiculously smooth.  This soap can take some water as well.  You will need to be a bit more patient with the lathering on this as it will be a difference experience from your typical soap, but once dialed in, you will fall in love with it.  Post shave, also elite levels.  You could easily skip a post….

… but why would I when I grabbed the matching splash.  This offering is a skin food rich, no burn formulation.  I’d say the scent of this particular set doesn’t carry as well in the splash as I would hope, but it performs really well.  Skin was left feeling great.  A great finish to the shave.

I seriously thought about adding a 4th pass today, but with the high performance of the soap today, I ended up with an effortless BBS shave.  A fantastic SOTD.



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