Razor: Rockwell 6s on 4
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Rubberset Cashmere Synthetic
Soap: Like Grandpa Lavender

Ken from Like Grandpa recently was passing thru and we were able to connect for a mini meetup.  If you’ve never met Ken, you are missing out, he is a stand-up dude.  I have a couple of his products already but I took the opportunity to give his full product line the sniff test and I picked a couple up scents.  This lavender scent really caught my nose.

I typically don’t find myself drawn to florals but this one really worked for me.  If you like lavender, this straight up lavender scent could be a really nice add for you.  This is a classic and refreshing lavender.  Nothing complicated, very natural.  Scent strength on this is bang on, just under medium strength.  Any stronger and this straight up floral would be too much (for me anyways).  It is light enough it won’t conflict with any post shave scent but if you have a favourite with a lavender note this will bridge perfectly.  The base is also a non complicated, easy to use formulation.  I can lather this in pretty much any environment with any water type I’ve tried.  A rich and creamy lather will give you a really nice shave.

A quick and efficient shave today, just what I needed for a very busy weekend.  The Christmas countdown is officially on.



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