Razor: Gem Junior Bar
Blade: Personna PTFE
Brush: Ever-ready 2 band
Soap: Like Grandpa Eucalyptus

Monday.  The house is cool, the bed is warm, the alarm is going and I’m hitting the snooze button for the third time.  2 more days at work and I’m off for a bit of a Christmas break.  You can see why it might be a bit tough to get motivated.  This morning I wanted to grab something bright and refreshing that would pick me up.  I gave the den a quick once over and spotted this tub I had picked up from Ken at Like Grandpa during his recent visit.  A quick sniff of the tin…. yup, that will do the trick!

This soap is straight up eucalyptus.  It has that bright, slightly medicanal scent.  The scent stength on this is on the milder side, which is perfect.  Any more and this would be a sinus clearing vapour rub.  Instead, the scent restraint gives a subtle and refreshing awakening of the senses.  Perfect for getting me out the door.  And another bonus, with the lightness of the scent, you can pair this with any aftershave, the scent is pretty much gone after the rinse.  I opted to just grab a bit of unscented moisturizer I had nearby.

The razor today is probably my favourite looking item in my den.  This vintage razor is really showing it’s age as the plating has taken a big hit but this classic lather catcher looks fantastic regardlress.  This year, I am going to see if I can get it re-plated.  Shaving wise, it does OK, but I will only reach for this one on the odd occassion.  Today, it did the job just fine.



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