Razor: Rex Envoy
Blade: Bolzano Superinox
Brush: Rubberset 43-3 24mm 2 Band Fan Knot (restored by Reyes Restores)
Soap: Lather Bros. Wynwood
Aftershave: Lather Bros. Wynwood

First day back at work (well…. work from home) after a nice Christmas break.  I was looking for a little pick me up to start the work week.  This offering from Lather Bros. did just the trick.  I haven’t had Wynwood very long but I find myself reaching for it quite a bit, something about it just puts a smile on my face.

Wynwood was a soap inspired by the Wynwood arts district in Miami, Florida.  Scent notes on this are Sandalwood, Pineapple and Fennel.  While that seems simple the way they mingle is just perfect harmony.  You get that bright (yet subtle) punch of Pineapple up front, a creamy woody base of Sandalwood all with a smooth Fennel scent that fits over top of it all.  Fennel is like a smoother more subtle liquorice.  If you find liquorice or anise scents to be a bit over the top, this fennel note would be a much easier transition to that area of scents.  Where liquorice/anise would be like a bit of a punch, fennel would be like a warm hug.  Scent strength on Wynwood around a , just about perfect for my tastes.

I’m happy to see Lather Bros has upped their packaging game a bit.  The labels have always been great but now they have the standard width tubs most are used to.  While not an elite base, I do find it loads and lathers very easily and performs very well for a shave, DE or Straight Razor.  If you are considering a Lather Bros offering, this would be the perfect one to start with.

I finished up with the matching splash.  This does have a subtle hit of menthol in it.  There is enough restrain that it only gives a hint of cooling but it does play with the scent a bit.  As such you don’t get an accurate representation of the soap scent until it dries down.  I think it also tones the scent strength down a bit as it sits around a 5 and doesn’t have a tonne of longevity.  Performance is OK, it is an alcohol/witch hazel combo splash that will give a bit of a burn but has enough skin foot to keep your face happy in the post.    I wish it was punched up in strength, and if an EDT of this becomes available, I’m totally grabbing it.

A fantastic shave today.  All for now – J



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