Razor: Assured Dollar Tree TTO $1.25 Special
Blade: Wilkinson Sword
Brush: DS Cosmetic Synthetic
Soap: The Club Charlatans Traipse
Aftershave: The Club Charlatans Traipse Splash

I’m on my 3rd day with the $1.25 razor and I have to say, I’m still full on surprised and impressed.  Paired with the Wilkinson Sword blade, I’m getting damn fine shaves with it.  I don’t love TTO razors, but it is hard to argue with the performance on this thing.  I really hope the blades are half decent.  Maybe I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

For the software today, I was able to get my hands on Charlatans Traipse exclusive soap/splash from The Club  (The Shaving Shop/Ariana & Evans).  This is in the tallow and goat milk formulation.  I really like this soap base.  I mean REALLY like it.  This is one of my top soap bases for sure.  I don’t find it high volume, but it does give a rich, glossy and creamy lather.   Very slick, both lathered and residual.  Post shave is fantastic too.  I know that because I have another A&E product in this base.  I couldn’t quite tell from this software because, sadly, I got a skin reaction from it.    Something in the fragrance on this one irritates.  First pass is fine but by the time I’m ready for the second pass I have a burn.  I was hoping it was a one off, but today I confirmed it with my second use.  Same reaction.  So disappointed.  The scent on this one is fantastic.  It is a very leather forward scent, with a herbaceousness to it.  It has that old school cowboy feel to it.  On top of having a great base, The Club really brings the scent strength too.  Quickly becoming one of my favourites.

Except this particular one…. because of the reaction.  Sad face.  Someone is going to love this set.  For now I think I’ll hold on to it for a few days…. just to open the lid and smell.



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