Razor: Schick Injector Type E
Blade: Schick Injector Blades
Brush: Copper Hat 24mm 2 Band Fan Knot (Oumo)
Soap: Mickey Lee Soapworks Cape Verde
Aftershave: Maol Grooming Wilde Flowers

A quick shave and out the door today.   The family is off to meet some rescue dogs with an eye to adopting.   I think we have it narrowed down but we wanted one more look at some dogs available for adoption, even if it is just to confirm what we already know.

For the shave today, I was feeling in the mood for a floral.  I grabbed this soap from Mickey Lee Soapworks.  I really dig this scent and am saddened that it is off the market.  Someday maybe I will stumble upon the matching splash available on the buy and sells.  The scent is a nice, bright, floral fougere.  You get some citrus from the orange and tangerine, the lavender forward scent and a base grounded in oakmoss.  It is a really approachable fougere and a winner in my books.

And while I don’t have the matching splash, I think I now have the winning combination with this Wilde Flowers splash from Maol Grooming.  This is another fruity floral that is lavender forward, with a few other floral notes and a ylang ylang/grapefruit citrus.  This plays well off the Cape Verde scent and performs like a champ.

The razor today is me revisiting the classic injector.  A local gent passed me on a couple for a steal of a price and tossed in a couple blades.  Both razors are type E, but this handle really called my name.  I would say the other injector I received (which you will see in the future) is a bit more mild and a better shaver.  However this one just looks so cool I had to use it.  The razor is quite light and angle is a bit touchy, I will need more practice to make sure I’m shaving at the optimal angle.  Parts of the shave was super smooth, others a bit rough.  Once this I get the angle down, this will be a fun razor to shave with.  I could see this going into the regular rotation…. if I can source some blades at a decent price.

Not a perfect shave today, but no complaints.  Now off to meet that future member of the family.  All for now,




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