Razor: Gillette Tech
Blade: Derby Extra
Brush: Yaqi Synthetic
Soap: Wheat State Soaps 7 Mile Beach
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

#samplesaturday Well I finally got my sense of smell back. Thank goodness. A recent visit with a friend of mine turned in to an exchange of some samples. This Wheat State Soaps sample caught my nose. It smells fantastic. Wheat State Soaps describes it as Coconut, Island Flowers, a hint of a Lime Margarita, some Suntan Oil, and a bit of the warmth of Sandalwood and Amber. It was a great summer scent, exactly what I needed to take me away from this cold weather here in Saskatchewan. The soap was very water sensitive, my first soap load turned into bubbles fast because I hit it with a tad too much water. So I loaded another bit of sample in the bowl, and had a very light touch with the moisture on the brush and it lathered up very well. It was super slick. I normally don’t love Derby blades but this soap with my trusty Gillette Tech turned into a fantastic shave. Scent strength was fantastic. I will keep my eye open for Wheat State Soaps in the future.



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