Razor: John Clarke & Son Sheffield 3/4″
Brush: Paragon Sianco Boar
Soap: Stirling Soap Co Black Cherry
Aftershave: Prohibition Style Mary Pickford

#samplesaturday and today I’m using a recent acquisition from Canadian Beard & Blade.  Sadly they are closing their doors and are clearing out the last of the stock.  This Black Cherry scent had been on my radar for a while so I picked up the sample (along with a couple other goodies)

Off the puck (yes puck, I love that Stirling gives mini pucks for the samples) this was a medium strength cherry scent.  To my nose, it smells exactly like Cherry Nibs.  I instantly want a bowl of popcorn because nibs and popcorn are my two theatre snack staples.  The performance is the tried and true Stirling formula, easy to lather, nice slickness and decent enough post shave.  As always, one of the better values for a shave soap.

For the brush today I grabbed my Paragon boar in the Sianco handle.  I wish I loved this guy as much as my Paragon Plisson, the handle just isn’t as comfortable in the hand.  I know the knot needs a bit more break in and I don’t reach for it enough.  Boar brushes just don’t do it for me like they used to.  If you are a fan of boar brushed and are in the market, my suggestion is opt for the Paragon style handle over the Sianco.    I was able to get a really nice face lather today with the soap.

I didn’t get the matching splash but I did have just the right match, Prohibition Style Mary Pickford.  This guy is perfect marriage of Cherry, Pineapple and Bay Rum.  The Bay rum isn’t the clove heavy variety so it doesn’t over power the rest. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Mary Pickford beverage but I do think I will need to order one someday.  This isn’t an alcohol splash so you get a really nice skin feel without the burn.

Still a work in progress with the straight.  No cuts or weepers today but I’m still feeling awkward after pass 1.  Blade grip and direction is still a bit of a challenge.  Hoping I start to figure it out soon, it definitely takes away from the enjoyment of the shave.

All for now – J



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