Razor: Rockwell 6c on 3
Blade: Astra Green
Brush: Thirsty Badger Silvertip Badger travel prototype
Soap: Chiseled Face Midnight Stag

#samplesaturday man, what a deadly shave to start the weekend. I was playing in the Saskatoon Techworks space yesterday doing some more 3D printing and I built a prototype 3D printed brush handle. I wanted to make a smaller profile handle that would be perfect for travelling. I have a few 20mm synthetic knots on the way so I wanted to have a design ready to go for when they arrive. I happened to have a 20mm (well, it is more like a 22mm) silvertip badger sitting here I acquired a while back for a project so I figured why not mount it in the prototype handle. Man am I glad I did, it is a fantastic brush. The profile is small (1″ diameter) but it has an excellent feel and control. The knot is really soft and has plenty of backbone. This prototype is going to make my actual rotation 🙂

Originally we were supposed to travel today but with the weather being heavy on the snow we decided it was best to stick it out at home this weekend.  Since I had the travel kit already to go, I figured, lets use the travel gear anyways, so today I’m using the new travel brush, a shave sample, and the Rockwell from my Altoids travel tin.

I pulled the Midnight Stag sample today. This is the manliest of scents. Russian Leather, Motor Oil, Hoppes #9, Birch Tar, Oakmoss, Gasoline, Smoke, Cedar, Cade, Bergamont, Vanilla. Picture yourself in the garage after a recent oil change and pulling out the rifle for a solid cleaning. That, plus awesome. This isn’t a scent I would use on a regular basis but I will have to acquire some for the den. The Chiseled Face soap base was fantastic. The texture of more like a thick cream. It lathers easily and performs like a dream. Paired up with the Rockwell and Astra turned out to be a BBS shave. The only tricky part of the shave was picking a post shave product to pair. I’m undecided. Thoughts?

Have a great weekend all!

PS – If you have a new badger that has a funk you need to remove, might I suggest a good soaping with Stirling Gentleman. This prototype had an awful funk, so I lathered up with Stirling Gentleman and let it sit for a couple hours. Today, no funk.



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