Razor: Ever Ready 1912
Blade: Personna PTFE SE
Brush: Rubberset Cashmere Synthetic
Soap: Tiki Bar Soaps Surf’s Up
Aftershave: Elvado Pacific Coast Kahuna Balm

It is only -30°C (-22°F) here today, so I am dreaming of being at the beach.  Unfortunately the closest I’ll get is a beach inspired shave.  This Tiki Bar Soaps was a recent addition to the den, a blind buy via a fantastic shave sale.

Surf’s Up is described as Sea Spray Ocean Scent, Clean, Manly.  It is a semi firm tallow based soap.  Today I pressed a bit of the soap into my lather bowl and went to work.  I initially started with a bit too much water but a little patience and I was able to work up a fantastic lather.  It took the water and all the air bubbles worked out just fine.  Cushion and slickness were good.  Residual slickness was lacking a touch, you can shave without visible lather but it is right on the edge for that.  Scent strength is 8/10.  I got a fantastic BBS shave.  What didn’t do it for me was the scent.  Personal taste here, but I didn’t care for this aquatic scent, to me it read almost floral or perhaps like a beach lotion.

For the post, I stuck with the ocean vibe and used Elvado Pacific Coast Kahuna Balm.  Green Citrus, French Lavender, Sea Moss, Coastal Driftwood and Wild Mint.  This scent is much more my vibe.  This has the clean coastal vibe with a touch less floral-ness to it.  It is a very clean and refreshing scent.  Performance wise, I love Elvado balms.  The balm is not heavy at all, nice and light.  It absorbed well and the skin is left feeling hydrated and ready for the day.  If you haven’t tried an Elvado balm, I suggest giving one a go.

Stay warm out there, and if you happen to be at the beach, have a cold one for me 🙂




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