Razor: John Clarke & Son Sheffield 3/4″
Brush: Copper Hat Synthetic
Soap: Soapy Bathman Cigar Lounge
Aftershave: Black Ship Grooming Captain’s Pipe
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

#samplesaturday and today felt like a tobacco kind of day.  I pulled this sample of Soapy Bathman Cigar Lounge.  Scent notes are described as Bergamot, lemon and spiced Tobacco.  I get just the slightest hint of citrus with the a full on tobacco vibe.  Scent strength on this guy is mid strong, which was surprising coming off just a sample.  I quite like the Soapy Bathman base as I find it easy to lather and I get a good performing soap.  Cushion is really good, slickness both lather and residual are both decent.  Post shave is average, I wouldnt skip a post shave product, but not drying either.  I’m happy to see that Soapy Bathman is back in the game as they have some really nice scents and don’t shy away from scent strength.

For the razor today, I went with my favourite straight, this John Clarke & Son Sheffield.  I want to get better with the straight razor this year, and I know I must commit to make that happen.  So no more cheat cleanup passes with the DE.  3 pass shave today.  A couple minor knicks and a perfectly acceptable shave.  I have that first pass down but still need to get the pattern for pass 2 and 3 to get that damn fine shave down.

I finished off with this offering from Black Ship Grooming, Captain’s Pipe.  Sweet Tobacco with a hint of cherry.  It was a nice match.  For me, I get the strong smell of tobacco but I don’t get much cherry.  If you like straight up tobacco this will be a win for you.  The splash itself is a blend of alcohol, witch hazel, aloe and vitamin E.  I got the sharp burn from the alcohol without any drying for a nice post shave feel.



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