Razor: Rex Envoy
Blade: Gillette 7 O’Clock SharpEdge Yellows
Brush: Tournure de bois 26mm White Synthetic
Soap: Noble Otter Hamami
Aftershave: Noble Otter Hamami

Noble Otter continues to be a conundrum for me.  I love the branding and packaging.  The label artwork has a consistent theme while each design still pops and stands on its own.  The scent note breakdown on the side label is a fantastic touch that all artisans should take note of.  I like the base, I find it easy to lather and gives a really rewarding shave.  Unfortunately scents have been pretty miss for me.  I haven’t come across anything offensive, most are pleasant but don’t really stand out enough for me to keep.  The one real home-run I found scent wise was firefighter but that suffered from a scent strength that was just a bit too light.  I do really like the company and want to support so I keep up the hunt trying to find that perfect fit.

Hamami is another one of those attempts.  I picked this set up on the buy sell trade boards.  Scent notes are Saffron, Bergamot, Petitgrain, Jasmine Absolute, Geranium, Wet Stone, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean.  It is described as a clean, wet floral inspired by a Turkish bath house.  That description is pretty spot on.    It opens with a floral accord and I would say it is based over what is pretty accurately described as wet stone.  I’d say it reads cool without any mint notes and there is a subtle sweetness to the scent.  That base fragrance aspect reminds me a bit of a crisp cool water running in a stream at spring run-off.

Would I say this scent is a win?  Well, no.  It isn’t a bad scent, quite the contrary, it is quite nice and would be an excellent spring scent if that is your jam.  Scent strength would be about a medium, which isn’t a problem for me at all.  But I would say that this scent falls in that nice, but not really for me scent profile.  As such I’ll be moving this to my B/S/T pile and will continue my hunt for the perfect Noble Otter scent.  If the description of clean, wet floral does sound appealing to you, I’d say it is a pretty accurate representation and would be an excellent pickup.

Scent win or lose on this one, you can’t argue with the performance.  I had a fantastic shave today.  BBS and my skin was left feeling nice and hydrated.  Hard to argue with that.  All for now – J



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