Razor: Yaqi Mellon
Blade: Gillette Naucet
Brush: Yaqi Silvertip
Soap: The Club Signature
Aftershave: The Club Signature
Other: Thirsty Badger Lather Bowl

A little behind on posting this.  This shave was my last shave before heading out for a week of tenting (yay?). I figured it was a great time for a luxurious shave and to try out a couple new Yaqi products I acquired.

First, this silvertip brush was on my want list for a long time.  I finally pulled the trigger.  It still needs some break in but still, right out of the box it was very soft and luxurious.  A nice backbone and it splays nicely.  I can tell I will be a big fan of this brush.  The razor, the Yaqi Mellon that I’m a big fan of, looks even cooler in the gunmetal finish.  Paired with the Gillette Naucet was an awesome combo.

The software was Signature from the Club.  You can read all my previous thoughts on this base but let’s just say it is the software I now compare all other to.  For me it sets the bar.  Scent notes in this one is Bourbon, Tobacco Absolute, Arabian Sandalwood, Tunisian Sandalwood and a bit of Agarwood.  This is a fantastic masculine pairing.  You get that rich booziness blended with the tobacco and Sandalwood all grounded in the subtle oud.  I’m a big fan.  The splash is wonderful as well.  The fancy bottle looks fantastic but care needs to be taken without the restrictor.  A great shave to start the holidays.



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