Razor: Yaqi Mellon
Blade: Gillette Naucet
Brush: Yaqi Moka Synthetic
Soap: Van Der Lovett Sweetwood
Other: Camping Mug

We are back a few days from our tenting vacation. I’m a bit late posting this SOTD but since I had the photo already taken, I figured why not.

This Van Der Lovett shaving soap was a find at our local Winners store. The scent on this Sweetwood is very nice. I quite like it. Strength is medium. I’d say it shares some similarities with a Sandalwood scent but softer, brighter and sweeter. Not a lot of information can be found about the company but what I’m confident on is that this is the same base at the Fine Accoutrements shaving soap. If you have experience with that and like it, this line of shaving soaps can be a winner for you. The puck is a hard soap and lathers very easily. The lather will just jump off the puck when loading. Lathered slickness is good. Residual is average, I’d stick to running the blade on lathered skin. Post shave is average. Personally I didn’t find it drying but I know I’ve heard that complaint before. Your mileage may very.

I have 4 scents of the Van Der Lovett and I go back and forth with which is my favourite. I can say with confidence these are NOT the same scents as the Fine Accoutrements line, so they aren’t just a re-brand. At a few Canadian dollars, if you can find them they are worth picking up, especially if you like the Fine line of soaps.

The brush of choice today was another Yaqi recent addition, a Moka synthetic. While this brush is very soft, I did find it to be light on backbone for my preference. I think that would be OK if the knot was larger, but this was my least favourite of the Yaqi synthetics I’ve used thus far.

A special shout out to the Gillette Naucet blades. I picked up a 100 of these when I found a good price. I remembered liking them from a sample pile I had and they have been a big win so far. Plenty sharp and smooth in my Yaqi. They’ve tackled the cold water shaves with no issue.



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