Razor: DS Cosmetic DS-T7 w/ RazoRock Barberpole
Blade: Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Platinum Blacks
Brush: Rubberset 66-4 24mm 2 Band Fan Knot
Soap: RazoRock Plague Doctor
Aftershave: RazoRock Plague Doctor

Wow, it really has been months since I’ve posted one of these.  The last few months have been very full with my new job taking up a lot of my headspace of late.  And to top that off I got hit kind of hard with the covid bug which took me a bit of time to come back from.  It has been over a month and just in the last week or so would I say I’m 100%.  It seems kind of fitting for my first SOTD back to be with Plague Doctor from RazoRock.  I didn’t pick it up specifically for this post but I can say I was intrigued by the moniker since the whole pandemic thing came about.

Plague Doctor is described as being a scent of 17th century Venice, white musk, herbs & spices.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked it up but I absolutely love the scent.  I’d describe it as fresh, sweet and with just a touch of herbal floral nature to it.  Scent strength is on the lighter side of medium.  This is an absolutely perfect scent for spring / summer.  It is very refreshing and enjoyable for the shave but will pair with a tonne of seasonal fragrances.  RazoRock soap won’t win any marks for performance but it gets the job done.  It is a basic, yet stable shave soap formula.  You will get a solid lather with enough slickness to protect for the shave.  Post shave is pretty bare bones.   It is a good entry-level soap with pleasant scents and is pretty easy to work with for newbs.  The aftershaves are really good value if you like straight-up alcohol splashes.  The scents are strong and the price is wallet-friendly.

Had a nice, refreshing shave today with this set and I can honestly say I’ve gone back to this scent several times since picking it up.  For me, definitely a win.

All for now – J



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