SOTD – June 17, 2018 #happyfathersday

Razor: Rockwell 6c on 2
Blade: Feather
Brush: Yaqi badger
Soap: Martin de Candre Fougère

Father’s Day shave, and this year the family knocked it out of the park. Nothing makes a Dad feel more appreciated than a hand made X and O’s board, some custom art and a jar of MDC Fougère 🙂 I had a chance to sample this soap some time ago and really liked it. A small load, a bit of moisture from the badger and the lather exploded. Nice and dense, nice slickness, a great post shave. A nice soap, now I just need to find the perfect aftershave combo. Thoughts?

I used my Rockwell 6c on 2 with a feather today. My skin was a little irritated from the sun yesterday so I went for a mild setting and sharp blade to combo up an efficient shave that was nice and smooth. The combo worked out well, no irritation at all.

Hope all you dad’s out there are getting spoiled and having a wonderful day!



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