Razor: Karve CB on C OC
Blade: Rapira Stainless
Brush: The Copper Hat Boar
Soap: The Copper Hat Costal Fair
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

We have reached our second destination of our travels… Salmon Arm, BC.  The weather has been great and the scenery during the drive is amazing.

Today I used some of the new products I picked up from The Copper Hat while in Victoria, BC.  This brush is an absolute beauty.  I was taken with it right away, but I typically don’t go for boar brushes.  Then I read the story of the brush… it was turned by Brad at The Copper Hat from caragana he gathered not far from my home in Warman, Saskatchewan.  We also had loads of caragana in the yard I grow up in back in Nipawin, Saskatchewan.   So you can see it was a must buy.  Performance wise it has done a bit of shedding already which I hope will slow down after some use.  It also needs some break in so I’ll give more thoughts down the road.

This soap also jumped at me from their offerings as a really nice summer option.  The scent is a lavender vanilla blend.  Strength is on the lighter side of medium.  I’d say it would be a nice unisex spring offering.

The soap base is pretty unique in that it is a rich white very hard tin of soap.  I find it a bit trickery to load, so my recommendation is to bloom the puck.  That brings out the scent and softens the top for easier load.  Once loaded it is a fairly simple lather build so no worries there.  Cushion is good, as is slickness.  Where this base shines is the post shave.  Skin is left nice and hydrated.  A fantastic 3 pass shave to start the day.



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