Razor: Yaqi Double Open Comb
Soap: Van Der Lovett Sailor’s Blend
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

Busy Busy Busy.  Seems like forever since I have done a SOTD.  I even missed my regular #samplesaturday.  I have been getting some things wrapped up before we head out on vacation (or as I like to call it, the hunt for exotic shave supplies).  I wanted to start my week of with a quick and simple shave.  I pulled this Sailor’s Blend soap from the den today.  This was a bargain find from our local Winner’s store.  A 70g puck of this (hard puck, packaged in cardboard) cost under $5.  A heck of a bargain for a tallow based shave soap.  I grated this guy into a tin for easier storage.  The scent on this is an aquatic scent with a citrus note to it (bergamot perhaps?).  It is subtle, but very pleasing.  It lathered up easily and performed alright.  You won’t rave about it being the best shave soap you have ever used, but it performed well enough to keep a spot in the den and at that price point is a fantastic bargain.

I featured one of our remaining lather bowls today.  It is a bit smaller than most and has no handle, but this guy is just a perfect fit in your hand.  It is super comfortable and lathers like a dream.  The razor for today was my Yaqi double open comb.  I’m really digging this razor, it has a lot of heft in the handle and the head has just enough aggression with a fantastic audible feedback.  Another great bargain.

A great shave to start the week.



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