Razor: Rockwell 6c on 2
Blade: Astra Green
Brush: Rubberset Cashmere Synthetic
Soap: Like Grandpa Lavender
Aftershave: Maol Grooming Wilde Flowers
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

Stress is building. On a good day I struggle with an anxiety illness so when things are crazy in the world, like with COVID-19, things really go off the deep end for me. I’m doing my best to not get caught up in the panic, to keep rational and not be abnormally stressed. It’s hard when there isn’t a TV station, radio channel or website that isn’t carrying on about it. My tact is to try and only consume true information (please social media, stop sharing BS like holding your breath tells you if you have it) and to look to things I really enjoy that I can immerse myself in.

So today I went for a relaxing Sunday morning shave. I took an extra amount of time to enjoy the process, lathered a little longer, added a bit more water, really enjoyed the experience. I decided to do a Lavender shave today. Lavender is one of those scents that is perfect for relaxation, studies have shown the relaxing effects it has on your brain. Lavender can be potent so I really appreciate the restraint in the Like Grandpa Lavender soap. This soap has a nice subtle Lavender that is just perfect for the relaxing shave.

I followed it up with the fantastic Maol Grooming Wilde Flowers aftershave splash. This also carries forward some of that relaxing lavender while mixing it with some bright citrus notes. It isn’t a match to the soap but it is a wonderful compliment. With the soap and splash today, and a bit of extra time, I really enjoyed the shave. Super smooth, no complaints.

You may notice I’m using Canadian products today. I was thinking about my fellow Canadian artisans, and shaving artisans in general. I felt it important to remind everyone to think of them. Artisans that make products like these are really going to hurt in the coming weeks as are many other small business owners. Markets and shopping centres will close, foot traffic will be down, people will isolate and in turn, not spend. Currency rates and supply chain issues trickle down. All these are going to have effects for a while to the small business owner. So keep them in your thoughts, drop an online order every now and then, or just drop them an email to give them an encouraging word. In times like these, everyone can use a friendly word.

And lastly, going forward, this will be a Corona virus free zone. What I mean by that, right now I’m overwhelmed by the amount of inescapable COVID talk on all sources of media. I need a break, others need a break. So this will be the last mention of COVID you read here, going forward, just enjoyable talk about enjoyable shaves. Remember to wash your hands, turn off the TV/Radio/Internet for a few hours to give your brain a break and focus on controlling what you can. Watch a movie, read a book, play a board game with the kids and make sure to enjoy your shave.

All for now – J



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