Razor: DS Cosmetic DS-S9 w/ RazoRock Super Knurl
Blade: Voskhod
Brush: That Darn Rob 26mm Brown Synthetic
Soap: Barrister and Mann Amazelnut
Aftershave: Barrister and Mann Amazelnut

Barrister and Mann sets and I have never really gotten along.  Not that there is anything wrong with the product, I’ve just never had connections with the majority of scents.  There are a few exceptions (most being the reserve/inspired scents), but most that had made their way to my den have either been let downs or major disappointments.  For that reason, I don’t typically grab newer Barrister and Mann releases.  But….. this particular offering really spoke to me.  The note breakdown was very simple (vetiver, hazelnut, vanilla) and seemed like it would be unique in my den.  Unfortunately, Soft Heart is a very limited release lineup and I missed the initial offering.  Luckily I was able to recently pick it up on the used market.

Upon opening the tub you are greeted with a rich and bold roasted hazelnut.  It reminded me of a coffee roaster without having any actual coffee note in the base.  I don’t pick up any sweetness or brightness.  It is a very straightforward scent…. until you lather.  Once lathered some of that vanilla sweetness and a bit of the bright grassy vetiver joins in.  That roasted hazelnut never goes away but it softens and rounds out throughout the shave.  I’d say I like it off the puck and love it once lathered.  Scent strength is on the stronger side of medium.  I really enjoy the soft heart base as it is easy to lather and you are rewarded with a rich and buttery base that is plenty slick and has a great post-shave.  This particular release was no exception.

I did want to talk about the razor today.  I recently added this DS-S9 razor head to my collection.  This is very similar to the DS Cosmetic DS-D8 I already have with a bit more blade gap and efficiency.  The D8 and D9 are compared to the RazoRock Gamechanger .68 and .84 respectively.  I can’t get enough of these razors.  They are incredibly smooth and very efficient.  Being stainless CNCed, they have a really nice fit and finish and have a nicely balanced and prominent weight.  AND they are cheap as chips while not feeling cheap.  I’m enjoying them so much I’m having trouble picking up my other razors of late.  If you are looking for a really great budget-friendly shaver, check out the DS Cosmetic line of CNCed razors.

Anyways, to finish up I used the matching splash.  The scent on this is also on the stronger side of medium and reads a touch sweeter than the soap.  I’d say this fits closer to the lathered soap than the scent off the puck.  Performance is excellent with some great skin food but the big surprise to me is how the scent sticks around.  It doesn’t offer a tonne of projection but hours later I’m still picking up the occasional whiff of the really pleasant scent.  Man, this was a home run.  Maybe it’s time to rethink my stance on Barrister & Mann.

Knocked it out of the park today with the shave.  All for now – J



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