Razor: John Clarke & Son Sheffield 3/4″
Soap: Barrister and Mann Gothique Fougere
Aftershave: Barrister and Mann Gothique Fougere

A Monday off work, a perfect day to pull out the straight. Today I used this vintage Sheffield, another straight redone by my friend Jason Underwood. This thing is fantastic! It has really nice weight, is super comfortable and plenty sharp. The OG scales (horn?) are a little warped but it doesn’t affect the shave at all. Straight shaving is still a work in progress for me, but I can see some subtle improvements. 1st pass is down no problem, I’m still navigating the best technique for XTG and ATG. I’ll continue doing the Youtube education on that front. Until then, I’ll still pull out a DE for cleanup. Once I get it figured out, I can see this guy as a potential for some custom scales 🙂

AND I finally did it, I found a B&M set I LOVE. In the past B&M scents have varied from OK to NOPE, but I really like the soap base. I had to find a keeper in the den. Gothique Fougere is it. Notes of lavender, oakmoss, tonka, balsam fir, bergamot, vetiver, geranium, cedar, earth, sandalwood, musk, leather, and tuberose. It is a really smokey vetiver/fougere vibe. Fantastic scent. I don’t need to talk about the base as the soap and splash are well documented, really nice stuff. Very happy to have found the keeper scent. Now I just need to save up for the matching EDT 🙂



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