Razor: Paragon “The Ace”
Blade: Super-Max Platinum
Brush: Paragon Boar
Soap: Entre Bulles et Moi Razz Bocket Mango Folie

Today I got to add another great Canadian artisan to the den, Entre Bulles et Moi Razz Bocket. Marilyn and company are located in Quebec and have a line of face products. The shaving soap I picked up was a limited edition tallow and beer base. The scent is Mango Folie and is described as:

citrus blend of lemon, orange and juicy mango which is cooled with a hint of mint as this fruity blend begins its enchantment. Woody undertones support the fruit sensation with deep richness as a base of musk finishes the fresh blend.

It is very nice, the Mango jumps to the front but the other citrus and mint notes mellow the scent and the woody/vetiver notes cut the sweetness. With this soap you get mango without it being ALL mango and is a really nice change from the average citrus soap.
It lathered quite easily, had nice protection and slickness. Post shave felt decent even with the slightly aggressive Paragon razor.

For the brush today I used my Paragon Sianico Boar, a fairly recent addition. I’ve been working it behind the scenes, attempting to break it in a bit before a SOTD. The tips have split a bit but I still find it quite scritchy, too much so for my face. Also, typical as I find with most boars I’ve tried, it makes things a bit trickier to lather and suffers from a bit of shedding. The handle itself is typical high quality Paragon styling. It is a nice looker and comfortable in the hand, although I prefer the shape of the Paragon handle to this. If you are a boar brush fan this might be a good fit, but for my preference, I’d opt for the synth or possibly the badger.



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