Razor: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements DOC
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Spiffo Two Band Badger
Soap: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Black Bot
Other: Thirsty Badger Lather Bowl

This is a new addition to my den, PAA Black Bot. Epic 60s musk 🙂 This is modeled after Black Belt cologne, the cousin of the famous 60s cologne, Hai Karate. Bergamot, Lavender, Labdanum, Oakmoss, Cedar, Tonka Bean, Musk. It is a bold vintage masculine musk scent. Not for the faint of heart. It is a fantastic scent.

This shares the same formula as most of the Crown King/PAA line, the Kokum/Shea/Cocoa vegan formula. I really like it. It carries the scent well, is on the softer side so it loads very easily and it creates a nice slick lather. My only problem I had with the soap was picking an aftershave to pair with it. Today I just opted for cold water and alum.

The razor, the DOC, it doesn’t get a tonne of use in the den due to its mildness, but it sure is a fun little razor. I love the shorter handle with the aggressive knurling and the DOC design gives fantastic feedback while leaving a bit of lather for excellent buffing performance.

The Spiffo continues to be a workhorse in the den. If I’m picking up a badger, this is what I generally reach for. And she is a looker too 🙂

A fantastic shave to start the day.



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