Razor: Fatip Piccolo Special Edition
Blade: Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Ever-Ready Silvertip Badger
Soap: Purely Skinful Handmade Essentials Suave
Aftershave: Like Grandpa Sandalwood Balm
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

Today’s shave setup is dedicated to Linda at Purely Skinful Handmade Essentials. Recently she had to put her store on hold due to a health issue. Our thoughts are with her and family and we wish them all the best.

The soap today is Suave in a shave stick format. This has grown into one of my favourite scents from PSHE, it is a masculine offering and very approachable. Scent notes are sandalwood, red cedar, amber-wood, oud, black pepper & a touch of vanilla. The scent is very well blended but you can pick out each note, with sandalwood and cedar being the notes that jump to the front for me. The vanilla is very subtle offering only a hint of sweetness.

The shave stick definitely isn’t my favourite format for a soap but I was able to get a nice face lather today with my Ever Ready brush. I do find that Linda’s soaps really benefit from a pre-soak/bloom so I am going to have to pick this up in a tub format. The soap itself is a beef tallow base and gives a great lather. You are rewarded with a dense and creamy lather that provides excellent slickness (lathered and residual). Post shave is excellent as well.

For the post today, I opted to bridge the sandalwood note using the Like Grandpa balm. Weather is getting cold here on the prairies and I find this one of the best at rehydrating skin in the cold windy fall of the prairies.



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