Razor: Karve CB on D
Blade: Voskhod
Brush: Yaqi Synthetic
Soap: Captain’s Choice North
Other: Thirsty Badger 3D printed travel lather bowl

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is our last day at the cabin. Weather has been cool, fall is definitely in full swing and winter is ready to drop any day now.

Since it is our last day at the cabin up north I figured Captain’s Choice North was quite fitting. Evergreen, juniper and vanilla. Since I was raised in Northern Saskatchewan this does give me a distinct reminder of home. If this had some crisp air notes and some menthol it would be bang on.

The soap (or should I say cream) loads and lathers quite easily. Just a little load went a long way to a new dense lather. Cushion and slickness were very good, residual slickness was so-so. Post shave felt grand. A really nice shave.

The Karve CB continues to wow me with how smooth and efficient it is. Man what a great razor. And it fits perfect in the new travel bowl.

For my Canadian friends out there, Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your day with friends and family and all the you are thankful for. I know I will 😀



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