Razor: RazoRock 3 piece old type
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Frugal Shave synthetic
Soap: Soapy Bathman Bonsai
Other: Omega Alum, Frugal Shave travel kit

sample Saturday. Up visiting the folks at the cabin. Too bad I didn’t have “Fall at the cabin” as it would have made the perfect match. But I did pull this Soapy Bathman Bonsai sample from my travel kit. Paired it up with my RazoRock Old Type, my Frugal Shave synthetic (and travel kit), and a Gillette Wilkinson Sword blade for a deadly shave. The Bonsai smelled and performed great, and had a nice surprising chill to it. I will definitely need to acquire more SB. Have a great weekend all!



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