Razor: Piccolo Fatip Special Edition
Blade: Astra Green
Brush: Oz Shaving Synthetic
Soap: Mickey Lee Soapworks Cape Verde
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

The wet shaving community is always changing. A lot of new artisans and products make their way on to the market in what seems to be a daily occurrence. But sadly, along the way we also lose an artisan or two. Mickey Lee Soapworks is sadly one of those soap makers. They have closed up shop and product is running out in all the market spaces you would normally find, products are soon to be *unubtanium*. I saw a few MLS products pop up in a BST post so I wanted to add at least one to my den. This is one of my pickups.

Cape Verde is a fougere offering from MLS. I’m a big fan of fougere scents so I was happy to add this soap. Scent notes on this are fresh orange, tangerine, lavender, thyme and oakmoss. It is a really nice scent. Strength is medium off the puck but amped up a bit with a warm water bloom and lather. Lavender is definitely the note that jumps out at me. There is a subtle sweet and brightness to the scent from the citrus, and that grounded base of thyme and oakmoss present that earthy fougere vibe I was hoping for. This tallow based soap gave a higher structure lather and I found it could take a fair bit of water. Once I had lathered the face up I painted even more water in to get elite level slickness, both lathered and residual. Post shave was quite good too. I was really impressed. I had a fantastic shave today. I really wish this came with the matching splash as my shave just didn’t feel complete without it. Hopefully I can pick one up on the BST market.

The razor today was my newly acquired Piccolo Fatip Special Edition razor. This is a really sharp looking razor. (pardon the pun) For having a smaller profile it has a decent weight. This particular plate is on the aggressive side but today, with this soap, I got a really comfortable and smooth shave. The handle knurling, being in a vertical pattern, can be a bit slippery though, some caution must be exercised.

Even though I had a few cuts to navigate around from yesterdays shave, I had no issues today and had a really stellar shave. A great way to start the day.



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