Razor: Karve CB on C
Brush: Rubberset with Cashmere Synthetic Knot
Soap: Like Grandpa Wild Rose
Other: Like Grandpa Wild Rose Preshave

Today for our #CanadianShaveWeek #SOTD we are highlighting a couple Alberta jewels.

If you have been following along you will hear me rave about the made-in-Edmonton Karve Christopher Bradley razor.  This is a precisely engineered and manufactured shaving tool.  Solid brass, tight tolerances and multiple caps for any aggressiveness you could want.  For me I find the razor very efficient and very smooth.  It even works wonders with the less-than blades I have tried in it.  I cant wait to see a stainless version so I don’t have to care for it so gently.

The pre-shave and soap from Like Grandpa (also in Edmonton) is a limited edition product he offers once a year as a fundraiser for charity.  (In fact I think there are only 2-3 of the pre-shaves out there and I was lucky enough to get one)  A fantastic vegan base lathers easily and performs very well.  His scents are subtle as to not irritate the most sensitive skins.  For me, this is his soap that had the most scent to it and I’m super happy about it, it smells fantastic.  If you like the subtle scents or have sensitive skin, Like Grandpa could be a big win for you.

The brush was an Edmonton antique store find.  This made-in-Canada Rubberset brush needed a little TLC.  A little elbow grease, some polishing compound and a new Cashmere synthetic knot has made this brush a real looker in my den.

PS – the artwork in the background is an original water colour by my soon-to-be-in-kindergarten son.  he may take after his mother….. thank goodness 🙂



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