Razor: Rockwell 6s on 4
Blade: Rapira Platinum Lux
Brush: Wild West Brushworks Synthetic
Soap: Stonefield Shaving Company Eddie’s Shave Soap (Purely Skinful Handmade Essentials)
Aftershave: Stonefield Shaving Company Eddie’s After Shave Elixir (Purely Skinful Handmade Essentials)
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

The Canadian Wet Shavers group on Facebook has recently had a run of members doing live shaves for the group.  It was been a fun forum to chat with members, put a face to some names and to see some new gear in action.  When this new addition from Stonefield Shaving Co. showed up, I figured it was a sign that I needed to get in front of the camera for once and do a live shave.  This was the gear for last night’s shave.

Eddie’s Shave Soap (and after shave elixir) is the newest offering from Stonefield Shaving Co, made by Purely Skinful Handmade Essentials.  Jonathan tells me this a slightly different base than Linda’s (Purely Skinful) normal offerings with lanolin removed from the recipe.  The scent in inspired by Eddie Aikau (Eddie would go).  If you are unfamiliar with Eddie Aikau, you can read a bit about him on the Stonefield Shaving Company website. I would also recommend you find the ESPN 30 for 30 on Eddie Aikau, it is a worthwhile watch. Scent notes on this are Tangerine, Guava, Nectarine, Carnation, Teakwood, Basil, Green Bamboo and Musk. It is a very different take on the typical island/Caribbean scents you find with coconut/pineapple/suntan lotion/etc. Instead this has a real Polynesian island flair.  Up front you get that nice sweet and fruity citrus from the Tangerine/Nectarine/Guava.  There is a subtle floral coming thru from the Carnation and everything is grounded in that grassy/woody teakwood and green bamboo.  This is a very nicely blended scent.

Scent strength off the puck is on the lighter side of medium.  Present, but not in your face.  I bloomed the soap in a touch of hot water while I prepped (a must for any of the Purely Skinful soap bases I’ve tried).  The hot water serves to bring out the scent and to soften the top of the soap for easier load.  I gave it a pretty heavy load in my Wild West Brushworks synthetic and went to lathering.  I don’t know if it was the newness of the soap of the slightly different base but this was the easiest time/best resulting lather I’ve had working with a Purely Skinful soap.  I always get great lathers with her bases, but something about this one in particular made it easier and a touch better for me.  Slickness was great and post shave was top shelf.

I did a quick 3 pass shave with my Rockwell 6s on 4, picking up a couple weepers on the way (a bit too much mugging for the camera me thinks, haha).  From there I followed up with the matching post shave elixir.   This is the first time I’ve tried the Purely Skinful post shave elixir and I have to say it was a nice change.  Her balms are really good but I typically gravitate to the splashes.  This is a nice middle ground between a stronger scented traditional splash and a skin hydrating balm.  Scent on this is a great match and stronger than the soap.  If I would have a complaint (very minor) it would be that the base separates completely so it requires a heavy shake before applying.  Performance was still really good and no string or burn at all.

All in all, a damn fine shave for a quick Friday night live shave with a new product.  First impressions were great and I am looking forward to using this set again.



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