Stone Field Shaving Company Ltd.

I had a chance to meet Jonathan, the owner of Stone Field Shave Company, via Facebook on the Canadian Wet Shaver forum.  We were discussing the Mason Boutique product line (which unfortunately is being discontinued).  I had a chance to check out his web site and saw that not only does he carry some great products at reasonable price points, Stone Field has their own line of shave products.  After reading the description of the North of Fifty line, I just had to get myself some.  I reached out to Jonathan and he gave me some good suggestions on what he would recommend to try out.  I quickly placed an order, adding on a Hawaiian Shaving Company soap (I believe he is the only Canadian vendor).

The order was shipped within a couple hours (!) and was delivered 1 business day later!  Talk about service.  He was even gracious enough to toss in a couple samples and a nicely written thank you note.  Top shelf.  I highly recommend checking Stone Field Shave Company out.

Stone Field Shave Company Ltd.



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