Interview with an Instagrammer: The Shaving Tulsan

If you haven’t heard of The Shaving Tulsan, aka Timmy Two Shaves, you must not be on Instagram.  Tim is one of the more active Instagram personalities in the wet shaving community these days, so much so, if he took more than a couple days off I would be concerned for his well being 😛

Tim does some high production work on photos, his videos and his live shaves.  He is a great gent to chat about all things wet shaving.  Follow along with his unique style for fantastic reviews, impressions or just fun live shaves.  Here is my quick interview with Tim:


The Shaving Tulsan


Quick intro, tell me a quick bit about yourself.

I’m an okie that likes to shave, talk, and play video games lol. I’ve lived in Oklahoma all my life and most of that within Tulsa. The town really has inspired me in so many ways, so I decided to craft my name and logo around it. I’m a big Bioshock, Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR and Back to the Future fan and will occasionally talk your ear off about these topics. I come from an acting background, and still perform on stage from time to time.


How long have you been wet-shaving and what got you into the hobby?

I have been wet shaving for a little over 2 years. I never really had someone in the family that did it, but I always thought the act of traditional wet shaving was very cool. The “cool” and “nostalgic” factor is actually what convinced me to try it, with the low cost actually being an afterthought. I’ve always been inspired by the antique, vintage, retro (especially from the 50’s) and have actively looked for ways to incorporate that into my own lifestyle.


Do you recall what your first shave set up was (soap, razor, etc)?

I do! Mine was a basic setup that I feel many can relate to. I started off with a VDH (Van Der Hagen) razor and the included VDH blades that I purchased at a local Target, For the software I purchased Brut aftershave, and Williams Mug Shaving Soap. I also bought a cheap Burma Shave boar brush and small ceramic cooking bowl to build the lather.


What made you want to hop in front of a camera? Any tips for someone considering it?

If you see my first video on YouTube about the King Oscillator (YouTube being the first place I started posting videos) then you will see my efforts to really document a truly unique razor. I couldn’t find much about the razor online, and even fewer videos discussing it, so I wanted to contribute to the community by showing others something that they may otherwise never see.

My advice would be to not hesitate sharing what you love. Put time, effort, and patience into the content you are creating and it will pay off! People that are genuine and passionate about this hobby are the ones that stand out.


Who are some of your favourite wet shaver personalities and who has influenced you?

Kensurfs, Donald Youngner, Kevy Shaves, Ruds Shaves, Yost to Coast, and Distorted Edge Shaving. All of these and more influence how I release content, give me ideas for better videos, photos, and structure of daily content.


Money is no object, what is the one thing you would add to your shave den?

Walbusch Adjustable Slant


What is your favourite thing about the hobby and what do you tell someone that is considering trying the it out?

The people of this hobby are what make it so enjoyable. I have made so many friends just by talking about my love for wet shaving that it blows my mind. I receive such great feedback, ideas and encouragement that it keeps me pushing out content. It has also taken something that was a chore (shaving every morning) to something that is a fun and relaxing moment of my day that I can’t wait to do!

My advice to someone trying it out is research and patience! Watch videos on technique, practice shaving without a blade to get acquainted with how the razor feels, practice building a good lather outside of the shave. But most of all, be patient! Chances are you won’t do very well your first couple of times. You just need to experiment and find what works best for you!

You can also find Tim on his youtube channel where he is posting content as well.  Tim is going to be helping us out doing a few tutorial videos and the like and we hope to be posting those soon.  Make sure you follow him on all his social channels to make sure you don’t miss out.



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