Origin Story

It has only been a couple months that I have been wet shaving, but it seems like it has been something ingrained in me for years. When I first started I figured I’d get a decent shave in on weekends, or perhaps when I have a vacation day, but I didn’t figure it would become a daily ritual I would get to enjoy. Fast forward two months and my wet shave is now part of my daily morning routine. It actually gives me a little something to look forward to to start the day.

I get a great shave. That is the most important thing. It *can* be less expensive than dropping big bucks on razor cartridges every few weeks. That is a bonus. I work in a scent free workplace, so I seldom get to wear a cologne. So this allows me to wear a scent during a shave and for a short time after without carrying it to work. The many scent profiles and product options is another fantastic benefit to wet shaving. (The downside being that you will quickly burn the savings on cartridge razors by purchasing all sorts of soaps/balms/aftershaves.)

But the big thing I was surprised about, and one of the things I enjoy the most, is the community. There is a fantastic community of wet shavers. It seems like anyone I meet that is a wet shaver is very passionate about it. We end up spending a bunch of time discussing products, hardware, tips, and exchanging samples and such. I joined the Canadian Wet Shavers Facebook group and have already met a bunch of fine folks.  Each day various members will post their SOTD (Shave of the Day).  I started posting my own SOTD from time to time.  I like sharing and chatting about the product.  I would post that on the group and sometimes on my personal website and/or my social feeds.  I wanted a way to keep those SOTDs and have a way to look back at combinations I’ve used, what worked, what didn’t.  I quickly realized with my current methods that this would be a difficult task.  It was then that the idea of was born.  Being a web guy by trade, I decided I would start a website where I could post my SOTDs and have them available for indexing and searching for future use.  And with that, I began to think of other things I can put on the site.

So my plan here is to make this a great resource and community for wet shavers to go to.  I will post my SOTDs, tips and tricks I’ve found for wet shaving and general interest stories about wet shaving.  From time to time I plan to do product reviews on different soaps/aftershaves/hardware that I come across that I have a chance to use.  (If you are a vendor or artisan you want something reviewed, contact me and we will see how I can get the product in my hand to review it for you)  I will share links to vendors and artisans that offer products and services for us wet shavers.

For now, it is just me, but if all goes according to plan, I look to add other wet shavers as bloggers to the site.  I’d like to get other perspectives to share.  I’ve never done a straight shave, so I’d like to get that perspective on the site.  I know there are a bunch of vintage collectors that have a wealth of information and knowledge to share, I plan to get that perspective as well.  I want this to grow and become a great resource for others like myself.

So look around, and enjoy.  If you have and tips or suggestions, please fire them my way.  I look forward to growing this site into a fantastic place for wet shavers to enjoy.

Have great day, preferably started with a #DFS,






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