3D Print – Yaqi Sagrada Familia Travel Tube

I continued tinkering in the Saskatoon Techworks space this week and finalized the design of a travel tube for my Yaqi Sagrada Familia synthetic brush.  I really prefer travelling with a synthetic for ease of use and quick drying ability, and I absolutely love the knot in this Yaqi brush.  I wish the handle wasn’t as large in diameter, but it is a small sacrifice for a great travel shave.

So I hopped on Thingiverse, pulled down a container design to remix.  I made it open top and bottom to always load the knot handle end first, and added the air holes to allow for better drying.  (that took a few iterations to get where i wanted).  I’m really happy with the results.  When I have some more time to learn new software, I’m going to see if I can convert the design to an openscad design so that the height/width can be adjusted for different brushes.  For now, feel free to download/print what I have and remix if you see fit.




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