Razor: RazoRock Old Type Open Comb
Brush: FrugalShave handle modified with best badger knot
Soap: Stirling Soap South Padre
Aftershave: Stirling Soap South Padre Splash
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

Today we are heading to the deep south west of Texas… South Padre.  This Stirling Soap offering is described as Surf, sand, suntan lotion, heat, flowers, and now with lavender and blood orange notes.   This is a nice break from the Smoke/Tobacco/Leather of the last couple days.  The floral notes are subtle and blend nicely with the beach and citrus notes.  Lather from Stirling was great as always.  As for the brush, this knot isn’t great.  I picked it up online a while ago, so I cant exactly recall the manufacturer, but it is scratchy and has no backbone.  I was still able to get a decent lather but it wasn’t the most comfortable on the face for sure.  I will likely re-knot this again once I find a good 20mm synthetic, as this is a great travel handle.  Any recommendations?  Or I may try the 20mm silvertip knot I’ve had just sitting here for a couple months waiting on another project.   I dropped a feather in the RazoRock open comb and man was it an efficient shave, I honestly could have stopped after 1 pass, but I had so much damn lather 🙂  Finished off with the matching splash, a great shave to start the weekend!





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