Ken is another fine gent I met on the CWS (Canadian Wet Shavers) page on Facebook.  I can honestly say Ken is one of the most generous wet shavers I’ve had a chance to meet.  If there is a Canadian artisan out there he can support, he does.  You don’t see a new Canadian product lunch without Ken coming on board.  He was one of the first people to pick up my travel bowl which helped me get my first 3D printer.  And samples?  Ken is pretty much king.   He is excited to get people interested in the hobby and share the product love he has.

His youtube production has improved 10 fold since he started and his videos are entertaining and fun to watch.  Here is my quick interview with Ken:


Kal Shaves


Quick intro, tell me a quick bit about yourself.

I got into making YouTube wetshaving videos quite by accident & with the encouragement of members in the community. I’m known for my goatee, tattoos, and love of heavy metal.


How long have you been wet-shaving and what got you into the hobby?

I’ve been wetshaving for about 1½ years. I saw a Van Der Hagen safety razor at Walmart, followed by a lucky find at a flea market. I began researching it & learning everything I could about wetshaving. Thus began my love with wetshaving. Scott Foulser (The Canuck Shaver) reached out to me & invited into the community.


Do you recall what your first shave set up was (soap, razor, etc)?

Sally Beauty “The Shave Factory” TTO with a Derby blade, and Wilkinson soap puck & Wilkinson boar brush.


What made you want to hop in front of a camera? Any tips for someone considering it?

After watching one of Distorted Edge’s videos where he kept Chiseled Face Cryogen well passed the point of discomfort, I decided to do a fun challenge video & asked if he’d post it on his channel. I got wonderful feedback from the community & was encouraged to make more videos.

My advice… Have fun. Try to find your own voice. Be active in the community. Don’t expect overnight success. And be consistent.


Who are some of your favourite wet shaver personalities and who has influenced you?

Distorted Edge
The Red Island Shaver
Douglas Smythe
Matt Pisarcik

I would say Distorted Edge (Jason Bryan) helped me find my voice & style.

Douglas Smythe (Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements, Phoenix Shaving, I’d Lather Be Shaving, How to Grow a Moustache) has taught me how to make better quality videos & offered his own experiences.

The Red Island Shaver (Justin MacIntyre) has taught me perseverance through his struggle with diabetes & his resulting visual impairment.


Money is no object, what is the one thing you would add to your shave den?

Hmmm. I did a video a while ago about slant razors. There’s a very rare & very expensive German-made Walbusch & Sohnes “Humpback” adjustable razor. I’d love to have one for my collection.


What is your favourite thing about the hobby and what do you tell someone that is considering trying the it out?

There is so much comradery in this community. I never felt a sense of belonging in the tattooed community or amongst musicians.

This way of grooming is both “classic” and “classy”.

Make sure you give him a follow on his Youtube and Instagram channels.  I’m sure you will enjoy the content.  Watch for more upcoming highlights with more social media personalities, artisans and vendors.



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