Paragon Synthetic “Plisson” with Paragon Handle

I picked this particular brush up several weeks ago. I wanted to get a brush made by a Canadian artisan and this guy caught my eye.

Paragon offers 3 styles of brush handle (Paragon, Sianico and Rav) handcrafted in Central American Mahogany.  In those handles you can choose from 4 different knots: Black Synthetic 25mm, Two Band Finest Badger 25mm, Boar 25mm and Plisson 28mm.  I’ve never gravitated to the plisson style knot and generally have avoided larger knots but something about this combo was calling to me.  It is a thing of beauty, so I opted for the plisson.  I couldn’t be happier with the choice.

The brush came packaged in a handsome cardboard package.  I removed the brush and I was enamored with it right away.  The handle style was the perfect choice.  It looks fantastic and is super comfortable.  This style gives fantastic hand control while working up a lather and even a bit of soap slickness won’t effect your hold.

The plisson knot is wonderful, it has a great combination of density, softness, backbone and scritch.  I am able to make short work of lathering any soap, face or bowl.  I was a bit worried about how the wood handle would hold up to the moisture but so far there are no signed of any degradation.  Two other wood handle brushes I own (Vie-long, Semogue) and have used far less are already losing the finish, so I think it will be a win on that front.

Cost wise, this will be a little higher than entry level synthetic brushes, but to me it will be well worth it.  Quality finishing, superior comfort and excellent performance.  You won’t find much better value in a hand crafted product.  A big win and I highly recommend.  The only question I have is what my next purchase will be, boar or badger and which handle will I put it in.

Paragon brushes can be found at several online retailers and on their website at

** feature photo credit to Paragon Shaving



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