Razor: Karve CB on D
Blade: Personna Platinum
Brush: Rubberset with cashmere synthetic
Soap: Taylor of Old Bond Street St James
Aftershave: Wholly Kaw Monaco Royale

Another Monday…. and what a Monday.  I put my Jeep up for sale last week and had someone test drive it this last night.  Everything went great, they really liked it, we started discussing price and then the thing started to overheat in the driveway idling.  FFS.  Sure felt like an *ss looking like I was trying to pull a fast one.  So now I get to test my automotive diagnosis and repair abilities.

So needless to say I wanted to start the day off with a smooth shave forgetting about my lousy finish to the weekend.  I grabbed my new Karve and dropped in the D plate.  Another smooth shave, no irritation, but again a touch too aggressive for me.  I think the C will be my sweet spot.

For software I reached for St James form TOBS.  This is a shaving cream, a very dense cream, heavier than a Proraso or Elvado for sure.  You could load this direct from the tub but I opted to scoop a bit in my bowl.  TOBS is very easy to get a nice creamy and dense lather.  If you are having lather issues I suggest giving TOBS a go.  It gives nice protection, average slickness and average post shave.  You don’t get that glossy lather of a B&M soap for example, but it is still a good enough product.  Scent on this is great, a nice bright cologne scent, with a nice level of strength.  I’d recommend this product to anyone starting out or looking for something easy to lather.

I paired it up with Wholly Kaw Monacco Royale.  I’d describe this scent as a powdery, slightly floural and slightly woody scent.  It doesnt overpower and worked well with the TOBS.  A great finish to the shave.

Hopefully my week is looking up from here.  Have a great one all!



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