Razor: Karve CB on C
Blade: Feather
Brush: Fuller Rubber restored with synthetic
Soap: Elvado Lake of the Woods
Aftershave: Lea aftershave balm
Other: Mug by Carole Epp

#samplesaturday I decided to revisit Lake of the Woods for an earlier shave with the new formulation sample I had on hand.  My previous experience was so so, I didnt get the dense lather I liked and the scent was a but muted for my preference.  I can say that this new formulation is a HUGE improvement.  First off, this new cream is what I would expect for texture, similar to a Proraso or a tube of TOBS, and not the dense cream of soft croap.  Packaging is much better, gone are the dent prone tins of old.  Scent has really been amped up, this just pops off the tub now.  I can say now that I can really take it in, I quite like the scent profile of this.  It is a coniferous profile, but I don’t find it harsh like a green tree air freshener.

I got my first so so shave with the Karve today.  I blame the blade.  I think I’m officially done with the Feather blades, I just find them a bit too harsh for my skin and I also get a little knick/cut/tug/weeper at the tail end of the shave, today was no exception.

For the other hardware, I opted for a mug today and used a piece of pottery from my friend Carole Epp.  I highly recommend you check her out, she does great work and curates a fantastic potter blog, Musing About Mud,  With the smaller shave vessel I opted for this restored Fuller Rubber synthetic.  Again I could have set the loft a bit higher to get a bit more splay.   I learned a little lesson on setting synthetic knots for the future.

I finished up with the Lea aftershave balm.  This is a little workhorse for me.  Unscented and lightly mentholated I pair this with pretty much any shave to get a nice cooling finish, a must when I have don’t have the smoothest of shaves.



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