Razor: Merkur 37c
Blade: Gillette Rubie
Brush: Spiffo 2 band badger
Soap: Grooming Dept Mallard – Earl Grey Gelato

A little late for the SOTD post but I really wanted to get this guy out.  I got a couple massive mail calls this week.  A raffle win, a prize draw and a couple most excellent purchases filled my den with some great new goodies.

The soap today was Grooming Dept Mallard – Earl Grey Gelato.  This is a duck fat base.  I’ve heard many a good thing so I was excited to pick this guy up.  The scent off the puck was strange but once lathered it was a nice blend of spice and cream.  Very unique.  Still not sure if I like it or not.  The performance was as advertised.  This didn’t give me the big booming lather but it was a very creamy, glossy and slick result.  It gave great cushion, glide and post shave.  No complaints at all.  If you like that type of base, Grooming Dept will be a great option to try.

The brush is another Canadian beauty, a Spiffo 2 band badger.  Photos don’t do this guy justice, it is amazing!  The knot is 24mm and it set just right.  A perfect loft for me giving just the right amount of backbone.  It is a tad scritchy but I know that a few uses will soften it up once it breaks in.  The handle is very comfortable, although not quite as controlled as the Paragon.  A big win on this, and just my luck I won a second one in a raffle as well.  Cant wait to see it 🙂  I’m incredibly proud of my fellow Canadian artisans out there.  Soaps, aftershaves, razors, brushes, lather bowls, etc.  We have you covered up here 🙂

For the razor, I’ve put down the Karve for a few days for this new addition, the Merkur 37c.  I was intregued to try a slant again and when this popped up on the local buy and sell I jumped.  I really like the performance of this.  I find it mid aggression and really efficient.  I got a great shave.  I prefer a 3 piece razor over a 2, but I can live with that.  My only knock in it is the knurling which is inadequate for my taste.  I found it to be a bit slick in the hand.

It is super hot on the prairies today and tomorrow expects to be the same.  I’ll have to see if I can pull a menthol sample for tomorrow.  All for now -J




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