I recently placed an order with Prohibition Style, as he had gotten in some Van Yulay product line that I was anxious to try.  I also added an item by First Canadian Shave Company, as it was also on my list of must try artisans.  After a bit of an error on my part, I had to drop Justin a line to correct.  He handled quickly and effectively.

Prohibition Style has its own line of products as well.  They are branded around the prohibition era.  Justin was also nice enough to hook me up with a few samples of his product line.  I have had the chance to try one already and I like it very much.  Nice performance for sure.

If I had to give a negative, it would be the US currency checkout.  When shopping you can shop in Canadian currency, but upon finalizing and proceeding to payment, you will be paying in US currency.  The conversion should be accurate with what you are seeing in the front end but it may lead to a bit of confusion when you are finalizing the order.  I also think as the currency fluctuates you may see his Canadian prices change a few cents up or down.  So depending on the dollar at the time of shopping, that could save you a couple bucks or cost you a couple more compared to other Canadian vendors.  Nothing to worry about, and more than made up for by a quality customer service experience.  I chatted with Justin on a few occasions and he is a stand up guy and was fantastic to deal with.   I suggest checking his site out, and give some of his 5 butter shave soaps a try.

Prohibition Style



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