Razor: Rockwell 6c on 3
Blade: Astra Green
Brush: The Art of Shaving Pure Badger
Soap: Ballenclaugh Honey Tobacco
Aftershave: Nivea Sensitive Balm
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

I picked this soap up from another member for my initial den build.  A lot of the time I am getting my software without getting a whiff first.  This one I picked out purely on its unique name.  Honey Tobacco, worth a shot.  I gave it a go this morning.  I don’t really pick up the honey.  The blend with tobacco definitely changes its profile.  Me, I would describe this as peanut butter tobacco.  Not bad, just different than what I was expecting.  Performance was great, got a really nice lather and cushion/slickness was really good.  Got a nice clean shave.  Unsure what to pair this with scent wise, I pulled my Nivea balm, a nice product that pairs with anything.  Will I use this combo again?  Not sure.  While the scent wasn’t bad, it didn’t really do it for me.  It performs well so I’ll move it to my sell/trade/pif pile to eventually find a new home.



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