Razor: Yaqi Double Open Comb
Brush: Elvado Synthetic
Cream: Elvado Pacific Coast Kahuna
Aftershave: Elvado Pacific Coast Kahuna
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

I recently was the lucky winner of a raffle containing this Elvado set containing soap/balm/brush.  I was super stoked to win this one as I had been eyeing up this scent since it was released.  Elvado is another awesome Canadian artisan, and their product line is made with essential oils and no fragrance oils.  If you have a fragrance oil sensitivity I recommend giving this brand a try.

I had previously used Elvado Lake of the Woods, a cream I had acquired as part of my secret santa exchange.  At the time, I wasnt wowed by the product.  The cream was quite dense (I would say more of a croap than a cream), scent strength was a bit light, and the lather wasn’t as dense as I prefer in a soap.  Well Elvado appears to have undergone some changes, the no longer use a tin (big win), the lather is more dense (big win) and this particular soap has a much stronger scent strength (big win).  I really dig the scent of this one.    Elvado describes it as Green Citrus, French Lavender, Sea Moss, Coastal Driftwood and Wild Mint.  It is familiar to me, maybe I had a bar soap that was similar?  It gives me that coastal vibe without unlike many of the nautical soaps that I’ve never been a big fan of.  Performance was great, and the balm was really nice.

If i had to give it a knock, I’d say I’m not a fan of the pump container.  I have a few of them and for me, I sometimes struggle to get product out.  Maybe I’ve just had bad luck with pumps, but today it took much more patience to even get a dime sized amount out of the pump.

The brush is also new, it is a prototype they will be releasing soon.  It is a large knot, plenty dense with a nice backbone.  It isnt as soft as the Yaqi’s I’ve grown to love but it performed like a champ.  It is also a thing of beauty.  Combined with the Thirsty Badger lather bowl, I made short work of the cream to lather.  I great shave to start a Friday.



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