Razor: Gillette Tech
Brush: Yaqi Synthetic
Soap: Prohibition Style Mary Pickford
Aftershave: Prohibition Style Mary Pickford

I finally got a chance to try out the new Prohibition Style base after a recent Instagram contest win. I had Mary Pickford in the old base and absolutely loved the scent (cherry, pineapple, bay rum). The scent strength was great as well, but I really struggled to get a lather I liked with that base and sadly I had to move in from that soap. Well after hearing good things of the new base and with a shipment coming anyways, I added the Mary Pickford soap and splash to the order. I sure am glad I did.

The new base lathers quite well. It is a softer soap/croap that loads easily. The yaqi performed great and I was able to get a nice dense lather. Scent strength was a bit milder of the puck than the previous base but incomes out very nicely once lathered. It had nice cushion and slickness, not the best soap base I’ve tried but pretty darn good. The trusty Tech gave a great shave.

I finished off with the matching splash. I didn’t get any burn from it when applying and it gave a nice post shave feel. Scent matched perfectly and had really nice strength. A big win. A fantastic shave. Great job on the new base. Fingers crossed they release the cherry blossom and almonds in this base as well.



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