Razor: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements DOC
Soap: Prohibition Style Sidecar Premium Vegan Base
Aftershave: Prohibition Style, Fine Accoutrements Santal Absolut

#samplesaturday I’ve been looking forward to giving out the new Prohibition Style soap base for a while. Prohibition Style has some great scents (two that up of there with my favourites perhaps), but I really struggled with the 5 butter base. For me, I just couldn’t get a good lather. Recently Justin released all his prohibition styles in his new premium vegan base. I was looking forward to giving it a go and was a lucky winner of a soap in an Instagram contest. I added a couple things on and Justin was nice enough to send me samples of all the scents in the new base.

First off, the new base was great. Nice and slick, and much easier to lather. A big win here. The new labelling is also really nice on his product line. I wish the tubs were plastic instead of aluminum but that is a small gripe. Scent wise, I didn’t get a great feel unfortunately, as the after shave I ordered was damaged during shipping and all the samples got soaked. I’m being taken care of, no worries, but I don’t think I can give a fair scent assessment from the samples. I’ll get a better review when I give one of the soap tubs a try.

Sidecar scent profile is Lemon, Sandalwood, and Cognac. I pulled the Fine Santal Absolut to pair. This is my new jack of all trades aftershave. It is a fantastic, yet subtle, Sandalwood scent. A great finish to a great shave.



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